As someone who work with CRM every day, I completely understand the frustration when our chosen platforms lack certain features. It’s like having a car without wheels – it just doesn’t operate as efficiently as it should.

One such missing feature in many CRMs, including Keep Pro CRM, is the native round-robin contact assignment.

This essential functionality is designed to evenly and automatically distribute new leads among sales representatives, ensuring a fair and efficient process.

Imagine my surprise when I realized Keep Pro CRM lacked this feature.

It felt like a significant gap, akin to considering a switch to a different CRM.

However, before taking such a drastic step, I decided to get creative and devise my own workaround.

And guess what?

I succeeded by leveraging the power of Zapier and Google Sheets. Let me walk you through the steps I took:

  1. Setting Up a Trigger with Keep CRM: The process starts with configuring a webhook in Keep CRM. This webhook is activated whenever a new form submission occurs on your website, triggering the round-robin assignment process.
  2. Creating a Workflow in Zapier: Once the webhook is set, the next step involves building a workflow in Zapier. This begins by fetching a ‘counter’ value from a Google Sheet, which tracks the number of assigned leads and determines the next sales representative in line.
  3. Incrementing the Counter: After retrieving the current counter value, the Zapier workflow increases it by one. This incrementation is crucial as it helps identify the next sales representative for the new lead.
  4. Using a Lookup Table: A lookup table in the workflow maps the incremented counter value to the corresponding sales representative. This ensures that each new lead is assigned to the right person.
  5. Updating Keep CRM: The workflow then updates the contact record in Keep CRM, assigning the new lead to the identified sales representative. This step ensures that leads are distributed correctly within the system.
  6. Completing the Cycle: Finally, the workflow revisits the Google Sheet to increment the counter and prepare it for the next assignment. Additionally, I included logic to reset the counter after reaching a maximum value, allowing for a continuous cycle through the sales team.

This DIY solution effectively bypasses the limitation in Keep CRM, illustrating how a combination of different applications can open up new possibilities beyond your CRM’s inherent capabilities.

Embrace Limitations as Opportunities

When your CRM lacks a feature, don’t despair. Instead, see it as a chance to innovate and create custom solutions. By integrating different applications, you can significantly enhance your CRM’s functionality and navigate around any limitations.

I’m eager to hear your experiences and creative solutions in optimizing CRM systems.

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